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Rules and information

Post by Kiba » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:23 pm

Kiba's Original Hockey League aka KOHL will be simulated via EA Sports NHL95 PC-version.

Couching/GM: Games will be AI vs AI, so GMs will make lineups, decide captains, make salary offers to players and make transfer deals with other GMs. GMs should join ircnet to channel #KOHL and/or to Discord
and to forum

If you dont want to install irc-client, there is free web-irc:

Rosters: Originals, but all goalie attributes are decreased by 20 points. Player attributes are unchanged.

Season game db: (Not yet available!)

Season excel-file, includes player attributes and basic salaries: ... sterit.xls

All-time stats:


Game streams:

Player contracts and money:
Each team have a budget of $3,0M. Player salaries will be paid from budget and budget limit should not be exceed at any time. Budget can be 0, but it cannot be -1.

Team selection: All GMs select their team on forum on "KOHL 12 Team selection" topic. If last seasons GM chooses a new team, old one is available to other GMs. All teams don’t have any players before offers, so team selection wont affect to team rosters.

2. Preseason-offers:
Each GM makes offers for 16 attackers, 9 defencemen and 3 goalies.
Budget limit should not be exceeding at any time. Offer to player must be equal or better than player’s current basic salary. All GMs will make their offers simultaneously on each offer rounds. All offers will be hidden from other GMs until all GMs have made their offers from current round. Then offers will be public and players will be transferred to teams.

Highest offer got the player. If there is a tie, nobody gets that player and player will be available for offers on next round, with player basic salary. Once a player has transferred to team, he is not any more available for any offers. If nobody offered for a player or there was a tie, player is available for offers on next round.

Team should have a place for a player on their roster if they want to offer for a player. At any time when team got full roster, team could not make offers any more. If team roster is not full after first offer round (16 attackers, 9 defencemen and 3 goalies) team can make more offers on offer round 2. All players which did not get offers or were on tie will be available. Again, if there is tie on other rounds nobody gets a player and player will be available on next round. This will continue until 5th offer round is over.

After 5th offer round there is only possible to offer for players who are on floor salary. Floor salary for attackers is $66 000, for defence men $60 000 and for goalies $95 000. If there is a tie on round 6 or further, team where player will be transferred will be decided by a draw. Offer rounds will be continued until all teams have 16 attackers, 9 defencemen and 3 goalies on their rosters.

If some point on offers there is no more floor salary players available and Team does not have enough money to spend on more expensive players, team can offer floor salary to any 5 available players with cheapest original salary.

Players who did not manage get to any team, are not participating to current season. Only way to change team roster after offers, is to make a deals with other GMs.

Player salaries do not change after offers, so these are the salaries in use during the deals between GMs.

3. Season begins and GMs can make transfer deals with other team GMs. At this point all teams will get +$100 000 to budget. This will make transfer deals easier if teams have spent all their money during offers.

GM’s can transfer players from point where the offers have been made and all have full rosters to that point where team have 5 regular season games to play.

Transfer can only happen when both teams have equal amount of games played.

On transfer deals, only players with same position can be transferred. Like attackers can be transferred only to attackers and so on. Attackers side do not affect to this, there is possibility to make deal with for example: Center to Left wing or Right wing to Left wing. Player handed attribute does not also affect to this, there is possibility to make deal with R handed defenceman to L handed defenceman.

However multiple players can be changed on a same deal, like 2 attackers and 1 defenceman and 2 goalies from each team can be part of the one deal. There has to be always same amount of players on same positions on a whole deal.

Goalies cannot be transferred to other teams by deal until they have played at least 3 games as starting goaltender on their first team (the team where they are after the offers). When goalie has played those 3 games, that goalie can move to other teams without restrictions. There is possibility to transfer a fatigued goalie in deal.

All deals have to be reported to league forum. No matter which GM reports a transfer deal. Deals can be made with Irc or Discord or email or forum or… well whatever GMs want to use for a communication.

Deals can be made until the team have 5 games left on their regular season.

Captains: When the team captain got injured, he recovers from injury about 2 times quicker than other injured player (Amount of injured games are randomized). Goalie cannot be a team captain. There is possibility to select different team captain on each game. Captain must be selected to a each game.

Lines to game: To each game there must be dressed 2 goalies, 12 attackers and 6 defencemen. On 5 vs 5 lines (lines from 1 to 4) same attacker can play only on one line. Defenceman can also play only on one defence line (lines 1 to 3). Attackers must play as attackers and defencemen as defencemen. However attacker positions are not restricted as long as they play attackers. For example Right wing postion player can play as Center on line.

There is no position limits on power play and short handed lines. For example defenceman can play as a attacker on power play and attacker as a defencemen on short handed lines.

Lines will be made to game via league’s web pages.

Penalties: If player gets 5min penalty in game or tackles the referee so that he will get 10min penalty or tackles another team player so that player gets injured (player who tackles gets penalty on situation), player will be suspended from next 1-3 games. If player takes many these penalties during one game, suspensions will be added together. Suspensions are randomized by game engine.

If team does not have a game during a next rounds when suspension is on, suspension does not reduce on those rounds (This could likely happen on playoffs if team will clear opponent early). There is possible to sell a player in deal if he is under a suspension.

If player get injured, but there is no penalty called from that (2 or 5 min), there will be no suspension. Sometimes this happens if player runs to goalie (goalies do not get penalties in nhl95) or if player will be shot by puck in the head.

All suspensions will carry from regular season to playoffs.

Injuries: If player got injured (GFP or GFG), he will not play on current game any more. If injury is GFP (Gone For Period) player will miss 0-6 next rounds. If injury is GFG (Gone For Game) player will miss 0-12 next rounds. Amount of injured games are randomized by game engine. Team Captains have better tolerance against injuries, their injury time will be randomized as GFP 0-3 and GFG 0-6. If team does not have a game on rounds during injury, injury time will be shortening normally.

Injury time is connected to rounds, suspension to games. There is possible to sell a player in deal if he is under a injury or a suspension.

If player got suspension(s) and injury on a same game, he can recover from injury during a suspension time.

Fatigued goalie: If goalie leaves a net during a game and backup goalie comes to replace him, this is meaning that goalie who leaves the net have fatigued/off his game. Fatigued/off his game goalie have to rest and he cannot be in a lineup at all on next round. Only exception is if there is only one game left on a regular season and goalie who had played his first game of season on previous round. Then that goalie will have to play on last round game, no matter if he is fatigued or not. If goalie leaves the net so team can take 6th player on ice, goalie is not fatigued/off his game. Goalie can get a fatigued during a regular season or playoffs. There is no code on web page for supporting this functionality yet, so this will be supervised by league commissioner for the time being.

Incomplete roster: If team does not have 12 attackers or 6 defencemen to game because of injuries and suspensions, team will play with incomplete roster.

Player who will appear on multiple lineups, because of incomplete roster, can play only on minimum lines. For example attacker who plays on two “5 vs 5”-lines can play for example on lines 1 and 4, not on 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Goalies: Team must play each 3 goalies from their season starting roster, during 3 regular season games as a first goalie. Goalies do not get penalties or get injured on nhl95. Goalie cannot leave a team on transfer deal before he has played 2 regular season games as a first goalie.

Schedule: Regular season, all division teams will play twice against all same division teams and once against all other division teams. Division affects only to schedule, all teams are competing on same standings table.

Divisions have been randomized to be as following:
Division A: Seppos STL, Joky SJ, Sulpo CGY, Jeremy TOR, Wantonius NYR, Samppa QUE, Jusba WPG, Tepsu NJ
Division B: Matu BOS, Kiba LA, Hirvi BUF, Mape VAN, Mav EDM, KendoJanari FLA, Brenahan DAL, Vihu DET

Playoffs format: Top 12 teams will go to playoffs. Regular season 1st-4th go straight to 2nd playoff round. Regular season 5th-12th start from 1st playoff round. On a each playoff round better ranked team from a regular season can choose a opponent.

On 1st round, regular season 5th will choose from regular season 9th-12th. Then regular season 6th will choose from regular season 9th-12th (from those teams who are still left to choose). Then regular season 7th will choose from regular season 9th-12th (from those teams who are still left to choose). After that regular season 8th will get opponent from who are still left from regular season 9th-12th
On 2nd round, 1st will choose from regular season 5th-12th (from those teams who are still in playoffs), cannot choose from regular season 2nd-4th. After that regular season 2nd will choose from who are still left from regular season 5th-12th (from those teams who are still in playoffs). After that regular season 3rd will choose from who are still left from regular season 5th-12th (from those teams who are still in playoffs). After that regular season 4th will get opponent from who are still left from regular season 5th-12th (from those teams who are still in playoffs).
On 3rd round, highest ranked team from a regular season who are still in playoffs can choose a opponent from those teams who are still in playoffs, but cannot select 2nd highest ranked team from a regular season who are still in playoffs.

5 game playoffs, 3 wins to next round or to The Cup! Games will be played in turns, home and away. Better ranked on regular season will start each playoff series on home ice. Playoffs overtime is 4th period which will be played until a first goal. Period is set to 99 minutes, but if goal does not happen during this time, there will be more time added to clock. So there is no multiple periods on playoffs overtime.

Because of this playoff model, there could be rounds when team have to wait for an opponent to play. There is always 5 rounds of time on one playoff round, no matter if series winner is clear after 3 or 4 games. During these rounds fatigue and injury time counts, so there is benefit to be ranked high after a regular season if team have a fatigued goalie or/and injured player(s). Suspensions are spent only when team have game on round.

Points from regular season game:
Normal time: Winner 3 pts. Loser 0 pts.
Overtime: Winner 2 pts. Loser 1 pts. Tie 1 pts.

Regular season ranking:
1. Points
2. Goal difference
3. Goals for
4. Points from games against tied teams
5. Draw
6. Sulpo Ahonen will decide

Game Settings:
Penalties on
Offsides off
Line changes on
Two line pass off
Injuries on
Period lenght 10 min

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